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I enjoy being with people, so it’s much easier for me to meet with you one on one or speak to an audience of 5, 50, or 550. But I know that’s not always possible. My desire is to communitcate with you any way that I can — so if we can’t meet and let me encourage you with a spoken word, then I want to encourage you with written words.

I love to write devotions but even more so I love to share and teach what God is showing me through His Word — the Bible. Life can be difficult at times and with the way our society is growing more distance than closer, I want to come along side you and travel this road with you. With all the negative words that are being written on social media and spoken in videos and TV I want to be that voice that cheers you on and reminds you that you can make it. Not only that but that you can experience Extreme Joy on the journey.

You can read some of my writings on my blog on this website and hopefully in the near future I will get one of the books written that continues to float around in my head. (Ah . . . the life of a creative person! HA!)  

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I look forward to meeting you and beginning a friendship whether I get to speak to you personally or write to you through the pages of a book or blog. Either way . . . I’m excited! Sign up on my HOME page and let’s hang out!


How do I do it? With love from my family, loads of prayer, and more glasses of sweet tea than you can imagine!

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Dancing with Destiny . . . Discovering Who We Are and Defining Our Purpose

Speaker to Speaker . . . A Handbook for Those Called to the Podium


Beth is authentic, funny, transparent, grounded and real.

– Sharon thomas

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