I’m a self-proclaimed moving box expert. I can see a box and tell you if it’s in fact a good box for packing, what would go best in the box, and how many times it could be reused depending on its condition. It’s not something I’m proud of per say, I’m only stating a fact. Yes, if you have moved as much as I have, you gain experience and knowledge.


But my blog, it has been located at the same place for over eight years. No boxes needed to move it and set it up in a new home, but it’s a new home nonetheless. And just like I’m always excited to empty boxes and get settled in a new place, I’m excited about getting settled here.

Moving means you are going somewhere and I like to think I’m always heading forward. I can’t wait for you continue on this road with me as we share life together, follow our dreams, and discover extreme joy in the midst of our daily lives.

Jesus told His disciples that if they would keep His commandments and abide in His love that His joy would be in them and that their joy would be full, (John 10:10,11). It’s the same with us. If we will seek to keep His commandments and abide (spend time with Him) we will not have to conjure up and try to have joy, but He will give us His joy . . . and our joy will be full.

Extreme joy—full of Jesus’ joy.

I look forward to walking this out with you and hope that you will experience all that Jesus has for you. Stay with me . . . we may stumble along the way, hit a few bumps, but we will keep our eyes on the One who loves us most.

So for now . . .

Welcome to my new home.
It has a different look but with change comes new growth and new experiences.
We have much to look forward to in the future.

And, you don’t need to send flowers or buy me a house-warming gift, just comment and say Hi! and let me know you are enjoying your visit to my new home.

You are my honored guest!


pictures courtesy of www.pixabay.com