I thought I’d cried all the tears I had, but more kept coming. These were different tears–ones that came from a place that had never been pricked.

Watching the glare of the sun lay across the hardwood floors in my den, I stood beside the bookcase holding the phone and listening to my mother say, “Your dad went to the doctor today. They found a spot on his lung.”

That was June 1st. By June 4th, we had the results of the biopsy and it was indeed lung cancer. More tears.

Maybe you can remember a time when the tears just kept flowing. It could have been from pain, disappointment, hurt, grief, and even happiness. They may be flowing now because you are smack dab in the middle of something.

There is a truth I want you to rest in today–

God does see your tears. And He sees mine.

A friend reminded me of this when I received a thoughtful gift a few weeks after my dad passed. I was surprised, and a little confused, when I unwrapped the paper and ended up holding a bottle. Now it was a pretty bottle, but a bottle nonetheless. In it was about two inches of water. As I turned it around I saw the card that was attached to the neck of the bottle with twine.

And the tears fell . . . again.

“You . . . put my tears into Your bottle; . . .” (Psa. 56:8).

What a wonderful truth that God sees our tears, and He captures them and places them in a bottle. And . . . He sees the heart behind the tears. He knows our pain when we go to Him and try to pray but the words won’t come. He sees our tears fall on our Bible, our paper when trying to write, our laps while we hold our head in our hands, or on the floor because we are curled up in a messy heap. Yes, He sees.

If you are at this place now, God hears your heart.

You had Him at “Dear Lord.”

scripture from New King James Version of the Bible
pictures from www.pixabay.com